On February 1st, 2010, Bazix has officially quit its activities and its partners have decided to dissolve the partnership.

Bazix was erected in July 2004 in order to carry a trade and localization enterprise. The main reason for the partners to erect Bazix, was to pull the developments concerning the re-commercialisation of the MSX computer system, commonly known as the 'MSX Revival', over the Japanese borders. In doing so, was developed: a retrogaming platform offering downloadable games. The objective was to create a non-Japanese version of the Japanese retrogaming platform Project EGG, which offers downloadable retro games for a great variety of retro game systems. Eventually, only MSX games have been available, of which many were officially translated to English for the first time.

Apart from, Bazix also realized the export of the MSXPLAYer, effectively enabling the development of and support for the MSX Game Reader, which has been distributed by Stichting Sunrise. Many efforts were also made to distribute the new Japanese One Chip MSX outside Japan, but these efforts eventually turned out to be unsuccessful.

Some events necessitated Bazix to temporarily suspend At the same time, Bazix' Japanese partner D4 Enterprise made plans for an English version of Project EGG, making Bazix decide to discontinue and cooperate with D4 Enterprise to continue the retro gaming activities in the English version of Project EGG.

Following the discontinuation of and the inability to officially import One Chip MSX's from Japan, Bazix' partners started to focus on other things and the partnership's activities gradually declined. Eventually the partners decided that a partnership like Bazix was no longer necessary to continue the current activities, upon which they decided to dissolve the partnership.

Bazix' partners still simmeringly continue their activities, yet in the form of a private cooperation with D4 Enterprise. The English game translations developed for will be made available in the future again, at the English version of Project EGG and perhaps also in another form.